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Located in lovely and historic downtown Charleston, SC, the Notso Hostel and Notso Hostel Annex are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, bars, & museums. We provide clean, simple accommodations so that you can dream of your future travels in peace and comfort. We focus on safety, sustainability, cleanliness and building community among travelers that gather here from all over the world.

A hostel is not only a place for travelers to stay the night on a budget, a hostel is a place to foster community and forge friendships between people that may have otherwise never met. Hostels have shared bathrooms and community kitchens that allow for natural interactions between travelers to communicate and connect. More importantly, hostels have hostellers, like-minded travelers that believe in broadening their horizons through seeing the world, learning new languages and honoring cultures different from their own.

The Notso Hostel collaborated with The Moving Picture Boys to create a beautiful video tour of the Notso Hostel main location and Annex. Meet the staff, view the historic buildings and grounds and get to know the charming and sweet holy city a little better.
Cover of the Post & Courier Business Review

Cover of the Post & Courier Business Review


Hostel owners, managers and aspiring owners gathered from the U.S., Europe and Mexico for a three day conference in beautiful Charleston, SC.

American Hostel Conference



The US Hostel Conference is a two and a half day event presented by The Notso Hostel, highlighting ideas and workable solutions for growing your hostel with profit and purpose. This conference is for hostel industry experts, owners, managers and those who dream of opening a hostel. A conference with passion, we’ll give you the tools and inspiration to grow, prosper, and give back, while connecting you with like-minded hostel leaders in beautiful Charleston, SC, voted the #1 city in the United States two years in a row and the #2 city in the world. What are you waiting for!?



Inside an American Hostel


"Just like a great guidebook to a city, Vikki provides an incredible level of detail on how to run a hostel as efficiently and effectively as possible – from setting the hostel up to managing its budget to managing its technology and distribution of beds and rooms on the internet. There are no secrets to running a hostel, and with this book, anyone with a passion for travel and a desire to own a profitable business can set up his or her own hostel. No other book that I could find provides such an in-depth reference."



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